Friday, January 22, 2010

Yet Another New Beginning...

"A shark bite a Howell? He wouldn't dare!"
-Thurston Howell III

Happy New Year to all of my readers! I do hope my recent lapse in posting has not cost me any of my admittedly few followers. As is often the case, I open this little missive with a renewed vow to blog daily. (After the less-than-stellar shelf life of last year's "Julie and Julia"-esqe effort, I will refrain from placing any real promises here...I'll just try to write more and more often.)

I am now in week three of my long-term sub job at McAdory High School. (Actually, as I write, my Advanced Theatre kids are here with me in the library researching their period duet scenes.) So far so good...some of my classes are more enthusiastic about theatre than others, but for the most part I have a very good group. I am particularly fond of my advanced much talent and such good attitudes! I will definitely miss them come April.

The holidays were delightful, capped off by a week in London with my very good friend, Goldstein. We saw a few shows, a few of the touristy spots (we had both been before, so we didn't feel the need to see all the first-time attractions) and the inside of enough pubs to keep everything always, just breathing the air of The Motherland was good for my soul. :-) God Save The Queen!

Upon return, I worked for a week and then missed a week due to Vertigo/Inner Ear trouble. I had never suffered from such before and hope never to again. Imagine spending a week on a Tilt-A-Whirl, or of being extremely drunk without any of the fun associated with that particular endeavour. Yeah, it's bad...

At any rate, Yours Faithfully is back at the helm and feeling much better, if not 100%.

On the theatre front, I am looking forward to getting started on IT'S A GRAND NIGHT FOR SINGING, which I am directing in April. I think I am also going to perform, which will be fun. As an audience member, I am seeing both JEWTOPIA and BUDDY HOLLY:THE MUSICAL this weekend, so much entertainment awaits me...I am helping out with SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK at MHS, while Melissa directs (no joke) THE PRINCESS AND THE PEE at Hueytown. We are doing our best to spread a love of the arts to the younger generation, which is a good thing. I am going to let my advanced kids watch CenterStage's THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE next week for a critique, which should be fun. I told them that they would get extra credit for praising my performance. Just kidding. Maybe. ;-)

That should bring my readership up to speed. Perhaps 2010 will be my most prolific year to date...we shall see...

In today's News From The Motherland...fewer eels in the Thames...


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